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The future of marketing is here... and it's you.

Instagram has made it official: video's more important than ever, and there's never been a higher demand for you to show up, personally, on your audience's feed.

The days of dreaming of handing off every bit of your social media to some outside source?

That's over, baby. Your face, your voice, your energy is what the people want.

And don't you wanna give the people what they want?

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Exceptional social media strategy for coaches, marketers, and personal brands.

"Sabrina's program has been game changing. I’ve been asked to speak on a professional panel, been approached by a few brands to be a business influencer for their products, and built relationships with a number of startups. Not bad for two weeks of progress!" 

Be Truly Linked

 Hannah Chester 


A VIP Monthly Marketing Experience

The Call

Every month, you'll join me via Zoom for a one-on-one, 90 minute intensive where we start with your goals and offers and end with a fully mapped out social media strategy for the month. We'll plan out the topic and presentation for every feed post, story, reel, email, and blog post. We dive deep once a month so you don't have to dig deep every day to come up with social media marketing that makes sense for your business.

The Plan

At the end of our call, you'll have your social media strategy delivered in the project manager of your choice- Trello, Asana, or Clickup. All you'll have to do is set the due dates and assignments for you and your team to implement the plan. Smooth like butter!

The accountability

What's a plan without a bit of accountability? You'll get email check ins from me to make sure you're actually following through with the plan we put together. Because many a dream has died in the Google Doc, and I'm not having this uniquely crafted strategy go unused! The fortune's are in the follow through.

The Bonuses

To make sure you'll truly be able to see success with your social strategy, I'm going to send you 60 targeted hashtags per month. The last thing you need is to be stressing about what hashtags to use. You'll also get my personal recommendations for social media graphic template packages that fit your brand vibe.

Introductory Price: $1000 a month

Doors Are closed, join the waitlist to be notified before they open!

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 Erika Tebbens 

Sabrina is so good at what she does! She’s able to take all the swirling thoughts in my head and get them onto paper and give me a really simple but amazing framework for my Instagram content. And it’s perfectly refined for my ideal client and leads to more conversions.

Your Social CMO is the perfect support for you if...

  • you're a coach or service provider with a personal brand who needs a personal touch to your social;

  • you're spending too much time thinking about (or stressing about) your social strategy;

  • you sometimes drag your feet or overthink before you take action;

  • you know you or your team can take a plan and run with implementation

  • you want to get more creative with your social media but still keep sales in mind;

  • you sometimes need a little bit of accountability to get shit done.

it  is ok to admit it!

you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and show up for success.

Your audience wants to see YOU!


They want your brains, your personality, your shining face on their feed. Those daily doses of you are what sells your services.


But let's be honest- you could really use a social media strategist. It's time to stop using all your energy trying to figure out how to play the social media game and start using it to show up, connect with your market, and do what you do best.

Sabrina Torres

Sabrina Torres

Hi I'm Sabrina -

so glad to meet you!

Providing great service and standing out from the crowd have always been my goals. I believe in the power of data-driven organic growth, engaging content, bold colors, pink lipstick and coffee (lots and lots of coffee). My company, Be Truly Social, serves business owners around the globe, ranging from solo startups to multi-million dollar organizations. My clients have included World Vision International, Stonewall Inn, and over 50 personal brands over the last 4 years. As both a social media strategist and a hight ticket salesperson, I bring a unique perspective to social and always work towards the end goals in mind. In the past couple of years, I've been featured in several summits, including The Elite Facebook Ads Summit, and as a contributor to the book “Digital Media Marketers Sound Off.”


On the personal side, I'm a long-time resident of Nashville, Tennessee, where I live with my partner Jen, and our four kiddos on the autism spectrum. 


Is there a commitment?

Your Social CMO is a 3 month commitment. After that, we can go month to month for as long as it works for you!

How many posts per month do you plan out?

There's no set number of posts! A launch month will likely have more posts, a month where you're on vacay may have less. We're not focused on set numbers of posts as much as we're looking at what's right for both you and your audience, to reach your goals.


When does the program start?

As soon as you complete your payment, you'll be sent an email with a link to my calendar. You’ll get to pick which day you want to start and immediately schedule your one-on-one call!


What do you mean by accountability?

I'm going to email you three specific questions halfway through the month.

Studies show that people are 65 percent likely to meet a goal after committing to another person, and that increases when you set up check-ins. That's why these check ins are vital!


What if I want my VA to help me implement?

We love to see it! That's one reason I structured this offer to play well with your project manager. You can have your VA on the calls, have them listen to the recordings, whatever works best for you.


How much money will this make me?

There is just no way for me to answer that question! It would be unethical for me to make claims about your potential profit, so all I can tell you is that if you properly show up in your social and market your offers, it makes an impact on your bottom line.