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My Dirty Little Social Media Strategist Secret

My dirty little social media secret

For years, I have preached the same thing every other person in social media work shouts from the rooftops: “Batch create your content!”

And if you aren’t batching, then, shame on you.

There are a million reasons we proselytize batch creation like it’s a heaven sent solution to many of our social media content woes. For busy business owners, batch creation can save a ton of time and brainpower, and actually gets their content out there into the world.


There is another breed of business owner. Those of us for whom batching is the bane of our existence.

Now, I can batch for my clients all day every day, and in fact I do just that. Love it! Fabulous! But for MY content? No thanks.

And it’s not because I struggle to practice what I preach. It’s because, for me, batching creates less effective content. Let me explain.

When I create content in the moment, I have connection and energy. I can write with passion, post, and then continue the conversation in my Stories. I show up with excitement! When I batch create, there is a disconnect for me. The post goes up, I have to remember what I was thinking when I wrote it, drag myself to my Stories…. It just lacks the same energy for me. I don’t show up the way I should.

And working with my clients, I discovered that I’m not alone. Some of my clients get energy from creation, and for some it is an energy drain. It’s as simple as that! Knowing which you are should guide how you deal with your social.

But how can you teach strategy and advocate for in-the-moment creation?

In the moment creation doesn’t mean you throw strategy out the window. The difference is only in when you execute.

My Your Social CMO clients all get their social plan written out, and know every topic they’ll be talking about for every day. The batch creators look at the plan and create their content for several weeks, schedule it, and only come and look for their daily story prompts. NOT creating in the moment gives them the energy they need to show up in Stories. My in-the-moment creators look at the plan every day and create what they need for both the feed post and their stories. Creating in the moment energizes them to show up in their Stories.

So the only question is- which are you? If you’re an in-the-moment person, if you get energy from creation, it’s time to stop trying to force yourself into batch creation! You officially have permission from a social media strategist to create in the way that works best for you.

There is no one-size-fits all. Let yourself out of the box, and thrive by leaning into everything you are. It will always create better content.

And yes. I wrote this right before I posted it.

My dirty little social media secret
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