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Holiday Social Burnout Solutions

We are all feeling it (and if you aren’t, I tip my hat to you, but you likely aren’t reading this).

Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Hanukkah. Cyber Monday. Holiday Sales. Christmas. And then there’s that wild push between Christmas and New Years that a lot of us in the marketing and coaching worlds make.

I got tired just typing all that out!

We’re pushing offers, sales, launches after launches, all while trying to navigate the IRL additional stresses of Holidays with friends and family. So it’s no surprise that some of us may feel a little social media avoidant. Crispy. Burnt out.

But when your business depends on social, you can’t always afford to disappear. So what do you do?

Have a plan.

Start with what day’s you’re taking off (BECAUSE YOU’D BETTER TAKE SOME OFF) and what your important marketing days are. Then fill in around those important dates. Give yourself some of what I can “swing” days, where you can post or not post depending on your mood. The topic is all ready, but you won’t lose any sleep if you don’t do that day. The important thing is that you aren’t waking up every day trying to think of what to say from scratch. Have your topics all picked out, at the very least, and you’ll find the day-to-day MUCH more manageable. (And yes, I help my clients do this with Your Social CMO, because it's that important for success).

Lean into your strengths.

We are all different, and what gives us energy or depletes us of energy is different! If you enjoy showing up on video but stress out big time over feed posts, then rock those spur of the moment videos. If you find typing out your message and having space to really think through your words to be more authentic, then type away! And remember that just because you have traditionally typed out things on the feed posts but show up in person on Stories, doesn’t mean you can’t change that up. Type out messages on Stories and do more video for the feed. Give yourself permission to show up in the ways that feel right for you over the holiday season.

Celebrate what you love about social this time of year.

It can be easy to feel the stress and get wrapped up in it, seeing all the obligation of social for business and none of the fun. But it CAN be fun! It’s a wonderful time of year to show a bit more about yourself and your life, if that’s what you’d like to do. And the flip side of that is getting to enjoy seeing friends, family, and even business connections posting about their holiday celebrations and yearly reflections! Maybe you can deepen your connections by commenting on those posts and stories when you see them, if you're feeling up for it. Whether social is bringing you new cookie recipes (send me the good ones!) or pictures of your nieces and nephews who live across the country opening presents, it helps to remember that it does bring us good tidings.

It’s normal to feel the strain. It’s healthy to take a step away when you need to. But most of all, it’s important to give yourself every opportunity to enjoy this season, in whatever ways you can!

Want to talk more about holiday burnout and what to do about it? We're chatting about that over in the Busy B*tch Club this week! Join before December 15th and you'll get 1:1 Voxer support from me through January. That's extra support through the stress and recuperation of the Holidays, just when you need it most. Head over to join today!

Be Truly Social
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