You've got big launch goals

Whether it's a new or proven offer, a podcast, a digital product, or a even a lead magnet, you've got plans for this launch to be epic.

But you still need a real PLAN for your launch. Like, what you're going to actually say to get your audience hyped and excited to hear more. How you're going to present and talk about it all in a way that makes them want to throw down their credit card or click the subscribe button.

That's where I come in.


Launch Intensive

Your Social

Exceptional launch content strategy for coaches, marketers, and personal brands.

Here's what you get

Crafting your  strategy

We'll meet for a 2 hour intensive via Zoom, where we'll dive deep into your offer and all that it has to offer! Then we'll craft your content approach, from your email sequence overview to what polls you'll post on your stories. We look at the weeks before and during your launch.

Delivered in style

At the end of our call, you'll have your launch content strategy delivered in the project manager of your choice- Trello, Asana, or Clickup. All you'll have to do is set the due dates and assignments for you and your team to implement the plan. Smooth like butter!

Here when you need me

What's a plan without support while you implement? You'll get Voxer access to me and my brain for 30 days. I'm here for you in your time of launching need!

Black Friday Special: Only $800!

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 Erika Tebbens 

Sabrina is so good at what she does! She’s able to take all the swirling thoughts in my head and get them onto paper and give me a really simple but amazing framework for my Instagram content. And it’s perfectly refined for my ideal client and leads to more conversions.


Your Social Launch Intensive is the perfect support for you if...

  • you're a coach or service provider with a personal brand who needs a personal touch to your social;

  • you have a decent handle on your day-to-day content but need a bit more support for when you're launching;

  • you sometimes have lots of ideas but getting them all organized into an actual plan can be a bit difficult;

  • you know you or your team can take a plan and run with implementation;

  • you know you need to show up if you want a successful launch.

you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and show up for success.

shit my clients say


Sabrina Torres

Hi I'm Sabrina -

so glad to meet you!

Providing great service and standing out from the crowd have always been my goals. I believe in the power of data-driven organic growth, engaging content, bold colors, pink lipstick and coffee (lots and lots of coffee). My company, Be Truly Social, serves business owners around the globe, ranging from solo startups to multi-million dollar organizations. My clients have included World Vision International, Stonewall Inn, and over 50 personal brands over the last 5 years. As both a social media strategist and a hight ticket salesperson, I bring a unique perspective to social and always work towards the end goals in mind. In the past couple of years, I've been featured in several summits, including The Elite Facebook Ads Summit, and as a contributor to the book “Digital Media Marketers Sound Off.”


On the personal side, I'm a long-time resident of Nashville, Tennessee, where I live with my partner Jen, and our four kiddos on the autism spectrum. 


Is there a commitment?

Nope! This is a one-time thing. No long term commitment

How many posts do we plan out?

There's no set number of posts! Typical launch content looks like:

- 2 weeks of posting 3 times a week to the feed, with daily Stories using Polls and Question Boxes. 1 email/1 blog post per week.
- 1-2 weeks of launch posts daily, Stories daily, emails daily.


When does the program start?

As soon as you complete your payment, you'll be sent an email with a link to my calendar. You’ll get to pick which day you want to do this! You have allllll of 2022 to use this.

What if I have multiple launches?

Fun! You can absolutely purchase more than one, I simply request that you purchase no more than 4 for the year.

What about ads?

You'll have to get someone else for Facebook ads, dears. This is all about your organic content, not your paid advertising. Trust me, you don't want me in your ads account.

What do launch support look like?

Voxer access means same-day replies within business hours. If it's your actual launch week, I try to be as quick about responding as life will allow, to give you the support you need. I only have 1 client launching on any given week.


What if I want my VA to help me implement?

We love to see it! That's one reason I structured this offer to play well with your project manager. You can have your VA on the call, have them listen to the recording, whatever works best for you.


How much money will this make me?

There is just no way for me to answer that question! It would be unethical for me to make claims about your potential profit, so all I can tell you is that if you properly show up in your social and market your offers, it makes an impact on your bottom line.