Want to create consistent IG content that never feels like a drain?

Your Instagram presence can be irresistible AND manageable.

(Without putting in hours upon hours every month or dissolving into tears over hashtags!) 

If you want Instagram to drive your leads…

You need to create consistent, quality content.

You probably already know a lot about strategy.


You’ve bought the courses, done the 5-day challenges, maybe even hired a pro or two.


You know there’s a sweet spot between educating, engaging, and entertaining your audience that grows most IG accounts like Bey's bank account.


You just can’t seem to “do enough” to get there.


Hey there, busy b*tch -
I see your endless hustle.

And I raise you a better way to way to tackle Instagram.

I see you tackle the latest trends, occasionally putting yourself out there with the hot takes on your industry.


I have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs just like you who know what needs to get done with their social media - the problem isn’t *what* it’s *how* when there’s a seemingly endless list of other housekeeping for your biz that just takes priority.


It’s an endless feedback loop of trying to get your social together, creating a killer content calendar you follow for a month or so (ok let’s be real, 2 weeks max), ending in tears as you throw in the towel (again) with the assumption that if you can’t stick to your strategic schedule you may as well not post all together.

What zuck failed to mention?

Consistency is the most important part of any Instagram strategy.


Even if you have an audience waiting with bated breath to engage with your content, you actually have to set an expectation of creation for them to engage (no more chaotic posting on the whims of your emotions).

The simple truth:

The perfect feed is so 2016.

Remember the pressure of the exquisite aesthetic, the artfully placed sun flares, the decadent desks with stacks of luxury paper goods and the latest macbook pro?


Cue “White Woman’s Instagram” and let’s move on - the quality is in the content of the content. So meta and so true.

Consistency should be the first strategic action you take.

This works double for you: first, it creates a clear expectation with your audience. When they know you’ll be posting, they’re more likely to look for it and engage.


Secondly, the ever-elusive algorithm just wants folks to stay on Instagram, and it loves accounts with consistent content because it feeds the machine.

There’s no way to actually create all your content in an hour.

An hour to create an arc for your content and conceptualize it all? Absolutely.


But even only 3 feed posts/week plus a weekly story schedule will take at least a couple of hours to write out, find or create the image, and load into your scheduler.


We need to acknowledge the actual time it takes to prep.

Here’s why those well intentioned attempts at a posting schedule always fall apart:

Woman with iPhone at Sao Paulo_edited.jpg

You aren’t clear on WHY you are using Instagram.
(besides knowing your ideal clients hang out on the app)

Sure you have a basic “why:” you want to grow your business! But there’s gotta be more, and you know that. You just haven’t taken the time to set some intentions because time's a-wasting and you better get to posting or the algorithm will forget you! Which isn’t true in the slightest and leads us to...

You tell yourself the algorithm hates you.
(which you know isn’t true but it sure feels true)

Is this like an email chain from the early 2000s where someone said it as a joke and then it turned into something we all believed? The algorithm is just a bit of code - it is not discriminating* against you because you don’t post regularly. Instead, you could see the algorithm as your friend and use what you know about it to your advantage.


*It most certainly is discriminating against accounts run by POC and Black creators, but that’s another clusterfuck I don’t have the means to address*

Image by Elsa Noblet

Knowing how it works and implementing the work are two different things.
(we’ve all bought a few too many courses, amiright?)

To be clear, I’m not throwing stones in glass houses - I’ve got a stack of course receipts in my inbox from abandoned inspiration. And just like me, you’ve dabbled in the intellectual strategy of it all. The problem is taking that strategy from concept to fruition, and making it happen on your own means myopic attempts at mimicry without synthesizing what works best for you and your biz.

You underestimate what posting really means.
(because it’s so much more than a couple of sentences...)

There’s the time creating an arc for the week/month/quarter. The writing of the captions. Finding the perfect photo on Unsplash, creating the swipeable carousel in Canva, storyboarding out the accompanying reel. Then hashtag research (how many is IG recommending right now?), deciding what day to post (go check those stats), a time to post, and finally getting it scheduled. There’s a reason social media management is a full time job!


When you take the time to create consistent, quality Content, Instagram is the quickest way to grow your leads on social media.

Image by S O C I A L . C U T



A social media accountability membership for you to get sh*t done.

I’m bringing everything I've learned from my thousands of hours creating bingeable brand content and bringing it to the club to keep you consistent, effective, and irresistible on Instagram.

Inside the Club you’ll get:

BREAK IT DOWN DAYS: once a month we take two hours to show up with our goals and break down the projects necessary to reach that goal.

SOCIAL CO-WORKING: we take 2hrs every month to create 12 feed posts, a weekly Story schedule, and 3-5 prompts for Reels. Your IG schedule is tackled and done in a day, no sweat.

COMMUNITY: a hoppin’ Slack community of Busy B*tches like you to bounce ideas off of, share insights and wins, and generally cavort with.

POST REVIEW: every month you can submit a post to the community for review - your fellow Busy B*tches (myself included!) will leave our feedback and pump you up!

Founding member pricing:

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Name, Title

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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